13 Tips For Creating Free Blog Content Without Having Content

How to Create Blog content Without Having Content
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It won’t depend upon the skill level of a person, even If you have written great and eye-catching blog content in the past. Sometimes most of us are short of ideas and are stuck finding new ideas for generating new blog content.

Creating Blog content is not so easy but It becomes easy as we implement different strategies. Yes! trying different strategies can be effective for creating new blog content even if you don’t have fresh blog content.

It is not about you and me, every blogger may have faced this problem. Even pro bloggers would also have faced issues creating blog content. We are not super humans, so we can’t regret this fact that every blogger faces this problem.

First of all, Never lose hope as you are a new blogger and trying to compete with a huge number of blog posts and articles already published on the internet. Let me explain you, more than 90 percent (%) blogs pay a very little value to readers. So, you can compete on the internet by writing better and extraordinary content for readers.
They will surely love it!

Let me clear you, It don’t depend that what is your niche. If you are a tech blogger, lifestyle blogger, travel blogger or any other kind of blogger, you can read this guide.

13 Killer Tactics for Creating Blog Content When You Are Out of Ideas

In this post, I will share 13 killer tactics by which you can create blog content even when you are out of ideas or you are not finding any interesting topic on which you want to write or create blog content.

Content Curation

Do content curation for blog content

So you have an idea but are not able to write blog content on that specific idea/topic. Here, you need to curate content. It means that you have to search that particular topic on Google and open all the top ten results. From here, you have to collect data from all the top results i.e pick the key points, check which thing is common in all of them and check if they have given reference to any other source.

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After applying this technique to all top ten web pages for your specific topic, you will be able to get a handy amount of blog content for your topic.
In simple words, search Google for your topic and get help from top results and mold the content into new content.
But always ensure that your blog content is 100 percent unique. So no copy pasting!

Ask in Social Communities

This would be the easiest, simplest and good way to get new ideas about blog content. What you have to do is just ask in social communities (i.e facebook groups etc) that what would you like to read as readers. People will engage with you and you can get tons of different ideas for blog content.

Use Google for Blog Content Ideas

Create Blog content Without Having Content

Yes, you can use google to get Ideas about blog content and getting ideas from Google means people are searching for it.

Let me show you that how you can use google to get ideas for blog content.

1- Go to Google & search your niche/keyword.

2- Scroll down and you will see some questions (People Also ask section) related to your search term. you can use these questions to know that what readers are searching for. See image below:


3- Search your keyword and move to the bottom of the Google search results page and check those ideas. See image below:


Review Something

Review Something as your blog content

You can create blog content by reviewing anything. It can be a virtual item or a tech gadget you have used. But make sure that you choose the right item i.e choose an item which is popular and people want to check that (for that you can use keyword tools).

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By using this method, you can also make some extra bucks by giving the affiliated link to that specific item you reviewed in your blog post.

Television Shows

Watch TV Shows to get ideas for blog Content

Television shows can generate a lot of blog content for you. Yes, first of all, determine your niche. For example, If you have a fashion blog then you can make a list of “top five fashion tv shows you must watch” & people will run to check your blog.

Share your Success

Share your success as blog content

Share your success to your readers so they can choose the right way too. Share the steps you took at that time which drove you to success. Explain to the reader that what they should do if they are in the same condition.

Share your Failures

share your failures as blog content

Another thing people will like to read more about than a success story will be a failure i.e business failure. Explain any event in your life where you faced challenges and failures. Also, describe that what lessons you learned from those failures.

Use trending Topics

use trending topics for your blog content

Use trending topics and jump at the right time to get huge traffic as well as blog content. You can use Google Trends to find out what is trending in a specific country or worldwide.

Read more about Google Trends here.

Watch or Do an Interview

watch or do an interview for blog content

You can interview someone expert for a specific topic and turn that into amazing content for your blog. It would be easy as well as a source of great blog content. In the case you can’t interview someone, you can just go to youtube and search for interviews according to your niche. What you have to do is just transcript the interview, add some media and Infographics and publish that.

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Case Studies

make case studies for your blog content

Case studies can be an effective source for blog content. You can create case studies on different companies. Case studies can be of two types:

  1. Best Case Study
  2. Worst Case Study

Best Case Study 🌠

You can create a best-case study about a company, product or a blog which you like. Tell their services and show your readers that what they are doing best. You can also recommend your readers to take services from them if needed.

Worst Case Study 🙁

This is the same thing but this time you have to focus on a company, blog or product which you didn’t like or you didn’t found to be useful. Tell your readers that why they are the worst. This will also result in trust gaining from readers.

Go out & Take a Walk

go for a walk and give yourself a break

Yes, surely! Go out and talk a walk. This can restart your brain and make a fresh start for you. Keep doing the same work, again and again, becomes boring and makes difficult for you to focus on what you are doing. So, it is better to go out and talk a walk.


So, this was the list of 13 tips which can be helpful and effective for creating blog content. Leave a comment below that which idea you liked the most and you are gonna use that first.


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