How to add Music Visualizer on Nav Bar of your Android Device

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Are you a music lover and using Android
too? If yes then you are at the right place. In our
today’s guide, you will learn that How you can add a Music visualizer to Navigation Bar or Status Bar of your Android device.

This guide is limitless. It means that It doesn’t make any difference that which device you are using or which manufacturer’s device it is. What you need is just an Android device having Android KitKat or above.

Let’s Start


In order to enable or add a music visualizer to your navigation bar of your android device, you have to download an app named Muviz.

Muviz is a first of its kind app that displays a Music Visualizer on your Phone’s Navigation Bar or Status Bar while you are listening to your favourite music from your favourite apps. NO root required.


Muviz supports both types of screens. It means that you don’t have to worry if your Android device doesn’t have an on screen Nav Bar.


You can download Muviz app from this link or you can search on Playstore.


How to add Music Visualizer on Navigation Bar or Status Bar in

After you have downloaded and installed the required app. Follow these steps:

Step 1- Open the app and grant all required permissions

After that you have successfully downloaded and installed Muviz
app. You will see interface like below:


From here you have to give all permissions required by Muviz. Permissions include

  • Draw over other apps
  • Allow to audio
  • Notification access

Step 2- Select where to show the music visualizer

After giving permission to Muviz app, you will see a screen like below:

From here, you have to select rather you have to show music visualizer under Navigation Bar, Above the Navigation Bar or on Status Bar. After selecting your desired position, click done and move forward to next step.

Step 3- Select Visualizer Design

There are tons of different styles available on Muviz.
You can select any design as your choice but make sure that you choose a free one.


Muviz provides tons of designs from which there are paid also so if you don’t wanna spend money, you have to choose a free one.

Step 4- Finish or Customize/Edit the style

This is the final step and here are two options available to you. Finish and activate the Music visualizer on Nav Bar or customize it.



If you want to finish and activate the Music Visualizer on Nav Bar, just simply click on Go Live Button and you have successfully added Music Visualizer on Nav Bar in your Android device.

Customize & finish


So after selecting the style, you can also edit each style. You can customize the style by :

  • Changing shape
  • Changing height
  • Changing Size
  • Giving gradient effect
  • Changing colors
  • Many more..

After you have customized your style, you can click on the ✅ symbol on top right corner of you device screen.

Ending words

I hope this guide help you in enabling music visualizer on Nav Bar on Android device. If you liked the article, please give your feedback in comment section and also share with your friends

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