Download ShutterStock Images/Vectors Free 2019 Without Watermarks

Download ShutterStock Images & Vectors For Free
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Are you a graphic designer, logo designer or a Blogger?

Then you must be facing problems while finding non-copyrighted high-quality images or vectors for free. Even though, I also do!

While in that case, Shutterstock is the most famous website from where you can download stock images and vectors but this is a premium site. If you wanna pay then, ShutterStock costs $0.33 per image.

After all, I have come up with a solution, So you don’t have to worry just follow my instructions and you are all done!

By using this method you will be able to download images from these sites:

  • Shutterstock
  • Gettyimages
  • Adobestock
  • Fotolia
  • Vectorstock
  • iStockphoto
  • PNGTree
  • PicFair

Download Shutterstock Images for Free Without Watermarks

How to Download Shutterstock Images & Vectors Without Watermark

In this post, I am gonna share with you that how can you download Images and Vectors from Shutterstock absolutely at no cost.

Let’s Get Started!

1- Go to Grabber

Go to Grabber & you will see an interface like below:

shutterstock free images downloader

2- Go to ShutterStock

Now open Shutterstock in a new tab and find the image you want to download. After you have selected the image, click on it. You will be redirected to a new page, from here copy the image URL from the top URL box of your browser. See the image below:


Url of the image will appear like this: or this 1228155688?src=RoYuqy1XhTf6UeKWsKV5lw-1-13

3- Go Back to Grabber

Now, go back to website and paste the url in the url box and click generate button. Now wait for 3-5 seconds and a Download button will appear. Click Download & you will get your desired image. Check following gif image for live setup:

View post on


Following are the alternative sites which you can try if the above method is not working for you:

  1. Sharedvn
  2. GetAllStock
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So, this was the trick for free ShutterStock downloader i.e free shutterstock images and vector downloader. If you liked the trick, then leave a comment below.

Will you use this trick? Leave a Comment.

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    1. Hey Bob!
      I am sorry if it does not support vectors now.
      It does a few days earlier.
      For vectors, you can use this site

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